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"The true test of technology and innovation is when it helps Society at large live a better life and your peers think why they could not think of this idea .In the time to come The world shall belong to people whose simple ideas backed by relentless execution shall change the way people live and that shall be a true progress of science." The philosophy that guided the incorporation of Translumina Therapeutics.

Translumina Therapeutics was incorporated with an objective of creating technologies which help the physicians with enhancing their clinical outcomes whilst making it affordable for the patients. For the last few decades, most of the newer technologies in Interventional cardiology were launched by US multinationals as they had the expertise and the funding needed to create such radical innovations. Most of these technologies have definitely improved the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease and have been very successful.However,there have been inherent limitations in terms of their affordability in developing countries where the insurance and state run reimbursement schemes only cover a small population and most of the patients have to fund their treatment themselves.In addition, there is also a tremendous cost burden on the insurance and reimbursement sectors in developed countries to sustain such costly treatments .This resulted in search for cost effective solutions which were met by either outdated technologies of these US multinationals or some smaller companies mushrooming out of Asia and Europe which started offering such complex technologies without the needed clinical evaluation of these products.

With our rich experience of more than 16 years working with various multinationals in healthcare, we decided to start this company with an objective to manufacture world class technologies with highest level of quality and clinical evaluation at an affordable price. For us, it’s not a business, but a movement that will empower patients of all economic strata to get quality treatment.

To achieve this vision, we have created strategic partnerships with Translumina GmbH and German Heart Centre to get access to latest technology, engineering support and highest level of clinical evaluation .Our  product YUKON Choice PC combines a futuristic technology with world class manufacturing standards. The clinical data is published amongst 2 of the top 3 journals of Cardiology (Journal of American College of cardiology and European heart Journal).

We don't' really have any monetary or units milestone to be achieved but have keen desire and aim to manufacture the complete range of products for cardiac disorders by combining the best technology with highest manufacturing standards at an affordable cost by 2015.

Gurmit Singh Chugh
Punita Sharma Arora